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Glass bead

Product Raw Material:SiO₂

Application Area:Grinding Road Marking Abrasives

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Product Introduction

一、 Product quality standard

1. The appearance of glass beads is clean, transparent and free of obvious gas bubbles and impurities.


2. Specific gravity: 2.3-2.5g/cm3


3. Refractive index: 1.5-1.7


4. Glass composition: soda lime glass


5. Composition SiO2 content 65%


6. Rounding rate > 80%


二、 In the production process of glass beads, the important link is the firing process.


The sand is heated by a special furnace and coal char gas or exhausted natural gas, and the irregular sand is burned into a small ball.


Firstly, the coking gas or natural gas is ignited in the furnace body, and the glass sand is put into the furnace when the furnace temperature reaches 800 ℃; when the sand is heated, it will be shaped up with the fire, and then it will be cooled and finalized in the diffusion chamber, and then it will be cooled and screened in the vibrating screen by the auger, and then the packaging will be finished. This product is a physical deformation.


The glass bead production line uses the principle of the flame floating method to break the recovered waste glass into particles of certain size, and send the glass particles into the flame in a certain way. Under the action of the flame, the glass particles become glass beads by softening, melting, pearlization, cooling and solidification.


三、Chemical index

Chemical index

四、Physical properties

Physical properties

五、 Main purpose

01. Characteristics of industrial sand blasting


1. The chemical composition is inert silica, no interference of chemical activity


2. Round elastic particles, impact resistant, recyclable for many times, less loss


3. Small abrasion of the nozzle, extending the service life of the nozzle


4. The surface of the ball will not damage the machining surface and precision size


5. After treatment, the surface of the workpiece is smooth, with special aesthetic feeling, improving the product value, damaging the processing surface and precision size


6. Suitable for dry and wet sand blasting


7. Fine glass beads are easy to show the metal micro cracks after wet sandblasting


Industrial sandblasting application


1. Sandblast aviation components to eliminate stress, increase fatigue strength and reduce friction and wear


2. Sand blasting, paint removal, carbon deposition removal and machining marks removal


3. Anode treatment and pretreatment before electroplating can not only clean but also increase adhesion


4. Weld bead cleaning and surface scratch removal of stainless steel workpieces


5. Cleaning and derusting of wire cutting die


6. Removing dirt from rubber mould


7. For road marking and reflection


6. For decoration of handicraft appearance


02. Grinding medium


The glass beads made of soda lime glass have good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness, so the grinding materials have the following advantages over other grinding materials:


(1) In addition to metal abrasives, it takes longer than any other medium.


(2) Does not contaminate processed metal.


(3) Restore the original clean and smooth finish of the processed materials.


(4) It can speed up the cleaning and maintain the processing accuracy of the original objects.


03. Road marking


drop-on beads


The glass bead on the surface of the wet marking paint after the paint is marked on the road surface.


premix beads


Glass beads uniformly mixed in pavement marking coating before marking.




When the car is driving at night, the headlights are on the sign line with glass beads. The glass beads can make the light source of the lights reflect back in parallel. The driver can see the direction clearly and improve the safety of driving at night. When the upper bead is worn, the lower bead can be used continuously.


04. Arts and crafts, textile filling


1. Gravity blanket, gravity is filled.


2. Textile liner filling.


3. Crafts, lipstick, wine bottle and so on.


4. Stuffed toys.

Commonly used models of sand blasting and grinding glass beads

Commonly used models of sand blasting and grinding glass beads

Model of glass beads for road marking

Model of glass beads for road marking